I like that you ask these questions about theater.


The field of choreography nowadays seems for me this amazing unconventional ever evolving and changing art discipline. A bit like an amoeba cell. And in this freedom and openness of constant researching and repositioning itself and its esthetical outcome everything becomes possible. I realized these last years that I still believe in the space of the theater. In a space of utopia where anything may happen. In a space where we can enter in the experience of an ‘other’ space. Where we take the risk to sit on our seat and become vulnerable to what could arise around us.  And than something – maybe – can shift and transform in what we experience as an audience. And we might leave differently.

I’m fascinated to create spaces of unpredictability, which are triggering our awareness and senses. And to unravel the endless possibilities of the body to become a channel and allow a space of experiences to appear.