Tracing Hidden Collectivity (2015)

A space-composition for two pianos, two pianists and three performers


Concept & choreography: Burkhard Körner

Composition and Co-Creation: Duri Collenberg

Piano: Tijmen van Tol, Duri Collenberg

Performance and Co-Creation: Antonia Steffens, Andreas Chanis, Burkhard Körner

Light: Vinny Jones

Advice: Lisa Skwirblies & Katerina Bakatsaki


This piece examines what it means to be one amongst many, to be an individual in a collectively organized society, to be participating in and likewise facilitating a given and yet hardly visible structure.

In that vein, dancer-, piano- and pianist-bodies submit to a score of movement and sound that in the same time seems to evolve precisely through their presence and facilitation.


When does the music actually start? Do the pianos without pianists produce a sound-score? Are the steps of the performers, the sound of opening the doors, the breathing and coughing of the audience included in the makeup of the acoustic space?


Next to finding a relation between sound and movement (and moving through sound) the piece also draws attention to the hierarchies of the senses in provoking us to ask whether we hear what we see or see what we hear.


Premiere: March, 26th, 2015 - HetVeem Theater Amsterdam


Recording on April 28, 2015 at Uferstudios Berlin